Without volunteers, our weekends wouldn’t happen. From nursery workers to musicians to greeters, you make ministry possible.

We don't just need teammates on the weekend. There is a lot of terrific ministry that happens throughout the week as well.

Look through these lists and find the spot that is right for you.


Guest Services

To serve in any Guest Services area, contact Terri.

The Creek Café
The Creek Café is right for you if you like casual conversations, praying one-on-one with others, all while making people comfortable...liking coffee is a plus.

Greeting Ministry
Greeting Ministry is right for you if you are outgoing, you like to make people feel welcome, you are gifted in hospitality. You'll hold doors, help people with umbrellas, plus other things that make sure people feel welcomed.

Information Centers
The Information Centers are right for you if you are friendly and want to help people know where they're going and how to take a next step. These Centers are our first line of communication on the weekends and the most consistent place we get to welcome guests.

Parking Ministry
Parking Ministry is right for you if you are welcoming, but also have a good sense of logic and can see how to keep things moving. You'll keep things safe and in order during busy times in our lot...and you get a sweet jacket!

Ushering is right for you if you're proactive, good at finding solutions, and hate the fact that someone might leave worship because of a lack of space. You'll find seats for people once the service has begun, fearlessly walking the aisles looking for open seats or creating room by asking those who are seated to move over.



If you are musician (who plays more than air guitar) and you want to use your gifts to lead others in worship, please contact Tom Harrigan, Worship Minister. We’re looking for electric guitar players, acoustic guitar players, drummers, bass guitar players, keyboard players, and the occasional banjo or harmonica player.


If you love Jesus, involuntarily sing in the shower, and would like to use your vocal talents in our worship choir or our on-mic worship leader team, please contact Laura Dingman, Creative Arts Director. We are looking for vocalists who are authentic, passionate worshipers and who love Jesus more than singing.

Stage Build Team

If you enjoy making creative designs come to life, our stage build team needs you. Please contact Terri Kilgore, for more information. 


If you have a knack for drama (the kind where you use your acting skills), and would love to use your gifts and talents to help tell the story of God, please contact Laura Dingman, Creative Arts Director. We are looking for actors, directors, and writers who are characters themselves and also love to bring characters to life.



If you get geeked out by gadgets and would like to use your gifts to shape the worship experience on our Tech Team, please contact Terri Kilgore at . We are looking for sound engineers, camera operators, graphic designers, lighting technicians, and more.


To sign up for any of these roles, contact Jennifer.


Kidustrial Park Greeter
Kidustrial Park needs to be the friendliest front door in town. You'll greet families as they enter and help them check in, find the right rooms, answer visitor questions, and keep the traffic moving.


Large Group Worship Teams 

Vocalist or Dancer
For Preschool or Elementary Large Groups
Vocalists and dancers make sure that kids get a chance to express their passion, wonder, and love for God in a relevant and inspiring way. They are loud in their praise and wild about their love for God. And they like when they can get kids involved in the expression of the awesome God we serve. They try to establish an experience that doesn't stop at the edge of the stage. 

Tech Team
For Preschool or Elementary Large Groups
The tech team captures attention with the use of media and AV elements to create a fun and engaging environment. As part of the team, you'll tell the story as effectively as possible with the use of sounds, lights, and video without distracting the audience.

Elementary Large Group Host
The Host serves as the emcee. He or she usually welcomes the children, transitions to the Bible story and Worship, then dismisses kids to small groups.

Elementary Large Group Storyteller
The Storyteller is a master teacher who communicates the Bible story in a creative, attention-gripping way.


Small Group Leaders

Elementary Small Group Leader
Small Group Leaders connect relationally with 8-10 kids and encourages spiritual growth through 
relationships, discussion, and other small group activities.

Preschool Small Group Leader
Small Group Leaders connect relationally with preschoolers and their families while creating an environment where preschoolers have fun and learn about God.

Student Leader
Student Leaders are middle or high school students who assist the adult small group leader in connecting relationally with 8-10 kids to speak truth into their lives and celebrate spiritual growth.

Preschool Classroom Helper
The volunteers help the small group leader connect relationally with the preschoolers and their families while creating an environment where preschoolers have fun and learn about God.

Weekday Curriculum Prep
These volunteers assist the Preschool Director by coordinating and creating classroom supplies.



For each of the above roles, we need subs to fill in when others are sick or traveling



Greeters make families feel secure when dropping off their children. They help with check-in, direct people to the right room, introduce guests, and help parents get their children situated.

One of the most popular jobs at The Creek! This is what it sounds like; you get to hold, play with, and care for babies while parents attend worship services.


Ministry Teams 

Marriage and Family

Marriage & Family:

o   Financial Peace University:  Teach/facilitate this nine week, life-changing class taught by Dave Ramsey and the FPU teaching team on video. 

o   Step Families Unite:  Teach/facilitate this class where blended families can come to connect with other blended families for support, guidance, love, prayers, and to learn how to apply God's word through his teachings to our unique and often challenging family dynamics.

o   Date Nights:  Coordinate family friendly date night including music, laughter, dinner and principles to strengthen marriages.

Contact: for more information.


Serve Opportunities with MOPS Groups

  • MOPPETS worker: Responsible to play and pray with and for all the cute kids
  • Mentor Mom: Responsible to pray for the women, be a support contact for the women, and help with Bible study lesson
  • Coordinator: Responsible for praying for the group and planning all meetings
  • Co-coordinator: Responsible to pray for the group and help plan all meetings
  • DGL (discussion group leader): Responsible to keep conversation going and appropriate at the table. Also the first line of communication between moms and Teen MOPS leadership
  • Hospitality: Responsible for set up and clean-up of food
  • Community outreach: Responsible to get the word out to the community about our group so we are able to reach new moms
  • MOPPETS liaison: Responsible for praying for the kids and making sure we have enough people to watch kids
  • MOPPETS worker: Responsible to play and pray with and for all the cute kids
  • Mommy Mart: Helps set up and tear down of mommy mart. Also helps finding donations for Teen MOPS
  • Prayer Warriors: People that are willing to pray for our group, the moms, the kids and leadership. These people are welcome to attend meetings but do not have to


Contact: for more information.

    Stephen Ministry

    Stephen Ministers are volunteers trained to provide one-to-one Christ centered care through a listening ear and a prayerful heart during a season of need.



    The Porch

    Individuals who come alongside those who visit the Porch on the weekends for encouragement and possible next steps. These may include baptism, further involvement and connection in the church or scheduling deeper conversations related to spiritual, emotional or relational needs.


    Staff contact, Laina Hershberger: ; 317.862.6430 x1134

    Prayer Partner

    Would you like to join the Online Prayer Partners? We will email prayer requests for you to review and pray over. Fill out the form below and review the confidentiality agreement. After reviewing your registration form, we will confirm with you when you will be added to the list.

    By completing this application, I agree to uphold the anonymity and confidentiality of each person that has submitted a prayer request. I further agree to not initiate contact nor conversation with any individual regarding their prayer request.  I understand that I am being entrusted with privileged information and that failure on my part to keep said information private may result in my inability to continue serving as a Prayer Partner.

    Click here to register to be a prayer partner.





    Common Threads

    Common Threads

    A group who loves to crochet for the purpose of showing Christ's love to others. Projects include: prayer shawls for those suffering extended illness; hats for newborns, cancer patients or the homeless; baby blankets for crisis pregnancy centers and more.

    We also teach individual(s) to crochet and/or knit. Most of our yarn is donated. 

    Mon. 12:30 pm; South Room 4

    Staff Contact, Laina Hershberger:  317.862.6430 x1134

    Visitation Ministry

    A group of caring individuals that provide visitation, encouragement and prayer for those facing physical challenges in the hospital or confined to their home or a facility.

    Request a visit


    For more information, please call Kim Harvey at 317.862.6430 or email:


    Funeral Planning

    The Funeral Meal Ministry

    The Funeral Meal Ministry is a caring and committed group of volunteers that are called upon during times of grief. For those families who specifically request it, a meal is provided here at the church immediately following the funeral service. This is all accomplished by volunteers. The Funeral Meal Ministry is a great comfort to the families of The Creek who have experienced the loss of a loved one. They also send a powerful statement of care and concern to those attending the funeral.

    If you are in need of a funeral meal or have questions about joining the ministry, please contact Penny Jones @

     Funeral Booklet

    If you are in need of a tool to help you in planning for a funeral click here for a printer friendly copy of our Funeral Booklet.





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