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Choosing Victory is a ten-part Bible study that opens communication between sexual assault survivors and our Savior.

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Tory Flynn wrote this study out of her own trauma and the hope and healing she found in Christ. Hear from Tory about how to bring this ministry to your church.

Hear Tory's story and learn about the origins of Choosing Victory

In this 9-minute video, Tory sheds light on what to expect and how to serve this diverse group of people.



You can bring Choosing Victory to your church or organization.

Maybe you're like Tory; you have experienced the trauma of sexual assault and have found healing through your relationship with Jesus. Or maybe you know of people who are hurting in your congregation due to the effects of sexual assault and you want to help them find healing.

In either case, we want to make Choosing Victory available to you. Just fill out the form, and we'll send the Leaders Guide and Bible study straight to your inbox.


A word of caution...and encouragement

You will be leading a group on a journey that is going to open up extreme hurt and healing. Every week will be different for each person in the group. You may be a former group member or someone who was a victim of sexual assault as well. Remember, this journey is also a journey for you as a leader. Some of the stories you hear may open up new insights and realizations to your past. Make sure to take care of yourself. 


A few recommendations for a successful group:

  1. Have the study at someone’s home. Having it at a church or a public meeting place is frightening to people because often they don’t want to be seen or labeled as a victim. 
  2. First week – do not talk about sexual assault or rape (see lesson one).
  3. Make sure you create a list of “group norms” and share those with the group (see lesson one)
  4. Pray for your group.

See the full list by signing up for the Leaders Guide.

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