Easter Week Devotion - Day 5


The Winter Olympics are now almost a couple months behind us. During the games, we saw people do some incredible things. But we didn’t see anyone be perfect. There were no perfect scores. Even the world’s greatest athletes in their respective sports weren’t able to do everything perfectly. We saw a few get close, but no one accomplished that elusive goal.

What if, by some sort of magic, there could have been an athlete who made all the others perfect? What if he or she somehow had the ability to take on every other athlete’s bobbles, falls, wrong turns, and mistakes? And what if that athlete went to the games with that very intention, willingly decided to take on the imperfections of all the other competitors?


Now, if that wasn’t crazy enough, what if it was the best athlete in the games—the shoo-in for the gold? The one everyone knew would be able to lay down a perfect snowboard half-pipe or skate a perfect routine or make a perfect bobsled run? The one who had done all those things through his entire life flawlessly?

So then during the course of two weeks of competition, he traded in his history of perfection as a gift to every other athlete.

Their falls? He fell for them.
Their slow times? He took them.
The times they brushed the walls in the turns? He brushed the walls.
The times they missed the delivery of the stone? He missed it.
The times they tripled when they wanted to quadruple? He spun too slowly.

And at the end of the two weeks, every other athlete would be presented with the gold. Each knowing how they got it and each one incredibly grateful to the athlete who gave away his perfection so they could receive his reward.