Easter Week Devotion - Resurrection Sunday


Happy Resurrection Sunday!

The Resurrection.
The day Jesus rose again from the dead.
The day that makes all other days worth it.
The day that destroys the cross and, at the same time, gives it meaning.


The cross and the resurrection are the culmination of a plan that has been in place forever. It’s a plan that is somehow finished, yet continues to work. I don’t get it, but I’m glad God does. It’s a plan with a lot of moving parts: a few of those parts we’ve looked at this week:

The world is hurting. It’s broken badly, and we see the evidence from the slums of Kenya to the schoolyards across America to our own communities. We’re stuck. Burdened by a disease so bad, we have no cure for it: a disease called sin. And that disease has infected every part of the world. And not only is the world broken because of it, we’re stuck in it as well. We’re like a driver stranded alongside an icy road with absolutely no chance of getting unstuck on our own.

And, as if the situation wasn’t bad enough already, it gets a whole lot worse when we think about a giant bucket of wrath, waiting to be poured out on the world, including us. The sin of humanity has ruined God’s perfect creation, and his anger burns against the effects. We somehow find ourselves victims of the disease and complicit in the spreading of it. And because of that, we’ll be punished.

Like sheep who got too far from the shepherd, we’re lost. Whether we got distracted, dragged away, or just thought something else looked more appealing, we find ourselves outside his care and in serious danger. So we need help.

What if there really was a perfect performer who could take every one of our foibles and blunders and all-out acts of rebellion, and absorb them? What if there was one person who was so perfect that a judge would we willing to trade that person’s life for ours? To take give him our punishment while giving us his reward? And what if that perfect person was actually willing to make that trade?

Well, there is. Jesus absorbed the complete fury of the wrath of God. All the pain and ‘stuck-ness’ that sin had caused was unleashed on God’s perfect son. And when he died, he died for every one of us.


He. Didn’t. Stay. Dead!

What we celebrate today—and everyday as followers of Jesus—is the moment when death was defeated, the moment when Jesus made all of it make sense. When he came back to life, he brought us back to life with him.

So, now what?

What does a gift like this mean in your normal, day-to-day life?

If you believe Jesus really did come back to life, how have you let it change your life? It has the power to change everything. Will you let it?