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  • The Creek 6430 South Franklin Road Indianapolis, IN, 46259 United States (map)

Anxiety & Depression Group

Our culture can be a breeding ground for anxiety and depression. Receive support and learn skills that address your spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological needs—allowing you to heal deep wounds and strengthen you to experience God’s love and perspective.

13 weeks (Jan 21 - Apr 15)

South Room 1

Cost: $5.00

Register Here (Group size is limited. Registration is required)


Everyone experiences loss. The death of a loved one can leave you totally upended, heartbroken, and feeling alone. Here you will find a friendly, caring group of people who will walk with you on your journey of grief.

13 weeks (Jan 21 - Apr 15)

South Room 2

Cost: $15.00

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Codependency Group

Do you find yourself in relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive? Identify the roots of your struggles and break free of your addiction to unhealthy relationships. You can walk in freedom and grace!

13 weeks (Jan 21 - Apr 15)

South Room 3

Cost: $20.00

Register here (Group size is limited. Registration is required)


The end of your marriage can leave you stunned, devastated, and overwhelmed. You can find your way through this fog with the support of people who understand and want to help you heal from the deep hurt of divorce.

13 weeks (Jan 21 - Apr 15)

South Room 4

Cost: $15.00

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Addictions Recovery Group

Your story of addiction is uniquely yours, yet many of your struggles are common to others addicted to substances, gambling, shopping, and food. Led by a licensed counselor in a safe environment, you will discover the root of your addiction, coping skills, and a path to freedom and purpose within the context of God’s love and grace.

13 weeks (Jan 21 - Apr 15)

Atrium A

Cost: $25.00

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Earlier Event: January 28
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