Saturday Services FAQ


Many of you have been asking about our discussions on moving our Saturday services to one Sunday evening service. We have compiled a list of those questions and answered them here.

On October 28, we announced plans to move our two saturday services to one service on Sunday evenings. That change will take place Sunday, January 7, 2018, at 4:30p.m.


Why are we considering making this move? 

As a church that’s on mission, we try to do anything we can to attract people who don’t know Jesus. We’ve had that desire since The Creek started. To be appealing, we need to consider a few things:

  • Unchurched people will most often come on Sunday mornings, specifically at 11:00. They have a preset notion in their mind that church ‘should’ happen on Sunday morning.
  • Because of that, we need to free up space at the 11:00 service. The amount of free space at that service has been a consistent issue we’ve tried to address.
  • We need to have consistent programming available for all ages—birth to middle school—at each service. Quality family programming is the top determining factor of whether a guest will return to a church. Because of the lower numbers of children participating on Saturday evening, children’s programming does not offer the same level of exciting interaction with children. Moving two services into one service will increase the numbers of children participating, which will make their experiences more enjoyable and life-impacting. 
  • We need to be better equipped to handle the influx of people moving here.

Rarely is a mission-related move easy. It will require sacrifice. It might require a new routine. We understand that. But we are ready to make a sacrifice for the good of the community around us who needs to know Jesus. Will you make that sacrifice with us?


What time will the proposed service be?

We would have a 4:30 worship service identical to our Sunday morning services with programming for all ages up to Middle School. Crave for Middle and High School would happen afterward at 6:00.


Why not one service on Saturday?

A single Saturday service is not a viable option for two main reasons:

  • It would not allow people to both serve and attend service without coming both days. According to the volunteers we’ve surveyed, coming back Sunday evening is much more feasible than coming both days.
  • The total attendance on Saturday evenings has declined from 1500 to 800 regular attendees.

How can I be involved?

First of all, you can pray. Pray for wisdom for the leadership making the decision, and pray that God would bless our desire to continue to be a mission-driven church.

Secondly, invite your friends. We anticipate a full house on Sunday evenings with a lot of energy, a place where you’ll feel comfortable inviting your friends. So, please do.

Third, remember that you’re on the team. If you attend The Creek, that means that you’re part of this mission-driven dream. This is a choice we’re making to reach people with the hope of Jesus. We hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are.

What are the extra benefits?

As we have prayed, thought, and shared about this move, a lot of pieces have aligned and doors have opened to make the move easier. Here is a list of some of those pieces: 

  • Using the building one fewer day saves on maintenance, utility, and custodial costs.
  • Volunteering is more manageable for those who are currently serving both Saturday and Sunday, and it opens opportunities for others who couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts.
  • This would give the staff, many of whom work both Saturday and Sunday, a true weekend, which is a benefit not only to them, but to their families.