Dessert Night Recap


Dessert Nights are really growing on us. We've done a few of them now, and we relish to opportunity to take an hour or so to eat some sweets and talk about the state of The Creek with you. We hope you feel the same.

The Dessert Nights that just finished are no exception. It was fun to share how each team is working hard to be "On Mission."

A few highlights:

  • Adult Discipleship announced new initiatives that will start in 2018 to help all of us engage the lost, make disciples, and show compassion.
  • We showed a fly-through model of a proposed Student Ministry building (more on that in the near future)
  • We announced a shift of service times from Saturday evening to Sunday evenings, starting January 7 at 4:30p.m. Watch this 4-minute video from Gary for more on that.


Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. And his church—on mission—is his plan for spreading that hope. Let's join together on this incredible ride!