The Freedom Vision

If you were to ask, “What kind of church does God want?,” one of those answers might be the word “Freedom.”

At The Creek, we want to be a church that is free from debt and free to make as big an impact on our community and on the world as possible.

Our leaders have spent time praying and fasting for over a year, and we are convinced that now is the time to start moving toward that freedom, by paying off our debt and raising funds that can help us do more ministry without restrictions.

Watch the kick-off sermon to our Freedom series from January 6, 2019.


our Goals 

Over 15 months ago, the elders and leaders of The Creek—after praying and seeking God’s will—developed goals that we believe would start to answer the question of what kind of church God wants The Creek to be.

We would be committed to:

  • Finishing a healthy succession.
    See our progress on succession.

  • Making disciples.
    Rooted has already started with many of our leaders and is ready to launch to the congregation.

  • Investing in the next generation.
    The number of students at The Creek has more than doubled over the last couple years. We’re planning some renovations that will give them the space our students need to keep reaching their friends.

  • Advancing God’s work internationally.
    We continue to give roughly a million dollars yearly to our partners who are working around the world and plan to give in some new, big ways through Freedom.

  • Honoring God with our resources
    We’re spending $600,000 each year on our mortgage and interest. Imagine what we can do when we can spend it on ministry initiatives. We also need to invest in our facilities and technology to make sure we’re taking care of the resources we have.

Our Goal for Freedom: $20 Million by the end of 2020

In order to see these dreams realized, our church will need to bring in three years of giving over the course of two years. With an annual budget of $6.5 million, our hope is to see a total of $20 million given by the end of the year 2020.

Pay off debt - $3.5 Million
This is our top priority, and all additional giving will go to this first. Being free from debt will allow us to redirect hundreds of thousands of dollars per year towards ministry and put us in a position to make the greatest impact possible with the resources God provides.

Technology upgrades & updates - $1.5 Million
As we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for people to worship and grow, we need to make much-needed improvements to our equipment and technology, including repairs and replacements. 

Student ministry worship center - $500,000
With over 450 students now worshiping at The Creek, we need to create a larger and more inviting space for them to meet—including the addition of an outdoor environment. Renovating the East Hall Chapel will provide us with ample room to grow and allow our students to more effectively reach their friends for Christ. 

Worship Center and lobby renovation - $500,000
In an effort to make our building inviting and relevant, our Worship Center and lobbies need to be modernized. These updates will include new paint, carpet, furniture, and theater seating. This will expand our seating capacity and create compelling spaces for people to connect with God and one another.

Other building improvement projects - $500,000+
These improvements will be undertaken as sufficient funds are received, including:

  • Parking lot repairs

  • Meeting rooms remodel

  • Canopies at doorways

  • Office remodel

New, Christ-centered initiatives - $500,000
Potential investments include, but are not limited to, helping plant new churches in Japan, expanding a hospital in India, rescuing children from sex-trafficking in Cambodia, building a school in Kenya, and training pastors in Eastern Europe. 

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 making a Commitment

100% participation

As with every worthy venture, if our church is going to see this vision become a reality, it is going to take all of us.

We’re inviting you to keep praying for God to do great work through The Creek, and to ask God how He might be calling you to financially partner with us to see this vision become a reality.

Commitment cards are available for you—both in service and online—to take what you’ve prayed about and move into action by committing to this vision.


Possible giving commitment breakdown

These figures represent a possible breakdown of the gifts needed for The Creek to see the Freedom vision realized.

Possible giving commitment breakdown   These figures represent a possible breakdown of the gifts needed for The Creek to see the Freedom vision realized.

My Two-Year Commitment

This is the yearly total of the tithes and offerings you give either online or on the weekend.
This is the yearly total of what you plan to give over and above your regular giving
Add those two numbers and put the answer here
Multiply that one-year total by two because Freedom is a two-year campaign
Any extra gifts you might want to give from savings, real estate, stock, sales, etc.)
Add your two-year giving commitment plus your extra gifts and put that number here. This is your total commitment to Freedom.