A Sermon Series about the Holy Spirit

To say the Holy Spirit is mysterious might be an understatement. We hear about the power and the work of the Holy Spirit and sometimes it can leave us scratching our heads.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.
The Bible tells us plenty about the Holy Spirit, how He’s active in the world, and how He is active inside each of us. For nine weeks, we’re going to be looking at the Bible’s answers to our questions about the Holy Spirit.




Sermon topics

June 3 — The God Who Came To Us

June 10 — The God Who Lives In Us

June 17 — The God Who Transforms Us

June 24 — The God Who Empowers Us

July 1 — The God Who Equips Us 

July 8 — The God Who Speaks To Us

July 15 — The God Who Unites Us

July 22 — The God Who Blesses Us

July 29 — The God Who Walks With Us


Daily Spiritual Practices

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Examen Week 1

In this video, Laura mentions how God provides us with Kairos moments – moments to join God in what He is doing in and for this world. Sometimes it is hard to notice these different moments as we stumble throughout our day.

Pray that God would grow an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s work in you, through you, and around you.

Reflect on your day and write down the different Kairos moments that God placed before you.

Share with someone where you saw God at work and how you joined Him in His work.


    Examen Week 2

    Often times creating space to hear from the Spirit is challenging in our busy culture. So we are introducing to you a practice that followers of Jesus have been doing for hundreds of years. It is a simple prayer exercise called the Prayer of Examen. 

    At the end of your day, pray each line personally, reflectively, and expectantly…

    • I quiet my mind and my heart for prayer. I believe in God’s presence with me.
    • I offer gratitude to God for the blessings of the day and begin by savoring my gifts.
    • I review the events of the day, paying attention to the feelings that surface: my hopes, fears, regrets, joys, and sorrows.
    • I pray from those feelings that surfaced: talking to God as a friend, listening with my heart for God’s response of love.
    • I look forward in hope, asking for the grace to better serve God.

    Examen Week 3

    In this video, Emerson explains how the Holy Spirit spoke to him a truth that he would have never have found on his own—one that impacts how he views himself and others.

    Last week, we introduced the Prayer of Examen. We are going to continue the same practice, but expand it just a bit. 

    Be still.
    Quiet your mind and heart. Ask God to help you be attentive to His presence through your day.

    Give thanks.  
    Gratitude changes our perspective. It allows us to see God at work in our lives. Go through the events of your day, thanking God for all of it—the big things and the small things, the good things and the difficult things.

    Pray through significant thoughts and feelings.  
    What were the significant or overwhelming thoughts or feelings from the day? Ask God to help you understand what stirred those thoughts and feelings. How did they lead you?

    Rejoice and seek forgiveness.  
    Rejoice in the moments that brought you closer to God. Confess and seek forgiveness for the moments you resisted God’s presence in your life. Thank God for the gift of greater awareness. Put on grace for the entire day.

    Look to tomorrow.
    Invite God into your tomorrow. Commit the day to Him. Ask for greater awareness of His presence.