be a mentor at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School

There are 600+ students at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School (TGNS) and most of them are hoping to have a mentor this year.

A TGNS mentor is given material to go over with their student each week. The lessons usually consist of social homework, such as how to make friends or respond to uncomfortable situations. These lessons help mentors and students build relationships.

A classroom champion helps a teacher during class. These tasks can include helping students with lessons and projects or even making copies. Many of our students and mentors have different backgrounds and different life experiences. We believe these relationships open us all to love each other and love God even more than we ever have before.

PDF version of School Calendar

Join us and to be “someone” for the students.

Interested in Mentoring? Here's how it works!

  1. Register

  2. Fill out a background check form. IPS only notifies people who have not passed the background check.

  3. Attend mandatory new mentor training August 25 at 12:30pm in South Room 2 at the Franklin Road Campus.

  4. You'll then receive an email from us with information about your student.

If you have any questions regarding Thomas Gregg,