Feasting vs. Fasting






What was the best meal you have ever had? What made it so good?



What was one thing you learned from this message? How does it affect your faith journey?

Read Matthew 6:16-18.

In this passage, Jesus assumes his readers are already fasting. Why do you think fasting was important for Jesus and his listeners?

What does Jesus not like about the way that the “hypocrites” fast? Why is that a problem?

Instead of being like the hypocrites, how does Jesus instruct us to fast?

What “reward” is Jesus talking about here?



Why is fasting important for you today? How can it deepen your walk with God?

What are things in your life you need to fast from to grow closer to God?

Jesus says that we are to fast in secret, not to be seen by an audience. Do you have an “audience" that you boast to? If so, why? 



This week, individually or as a group, try fasting from something for a day (it could be food, soda, technology, etc.).

In prayer, ask God for help in determining what you need to fast from, ask God for help while you fast, and ask God to deepen your dependence on him throughout the process!