Jonah: Joining the Mission of God - Week 4


Week 4 - Discussion Guide

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Tell a story about a time in your life when you were particularly selfish (could be funny or serious).



What stood out to you from this sermon? What challenged you? What deepened your faith?

Read Jonah 4:1-11.

What does this chapter reveal to you about who God is? Through the entire text of Jonah, who has God revealed himself to be to you? 

What does this chapter reveal to you about about human nature?

Jonah’s contentment and happiness was dependent upon his own comfort and circumstances, not the needs of others or the mission of God. How about you? How tied are your emotions and your happiness to your personal well-being?

Based on this chapter, how is Jesus the truer and better Jonah?

In what ways do you see selfishness on display in your life?

Read Luke 7:36-50. What does the Luke 7 passage teach you about grace?

How does this story compare and contrast to what is happening in Jonah 4?



What would be a good situation in your life to stop and ask the question, “Is this the absolute most God-honoring, wise, and mature response I can be having right now?”

Dan said, “Human tendency is to bottleneck the grace of God.” We allow God’s grace to flow to us, but not necessarily to flow through us. Is there anyone in your life you are hesitant to allow God’s grace to flow to through you? Share with your group? 

What is one practical way you and your group can take the focus off yourselves and place it on people in need?



Pray for the city of Indianapolis and all central Indiana, that there would be a great spiritual awakening and many would turn their hearts to God.


God wanted Jonah to go to the city of Ninevah to tell them about God's love for them. Jonah had other plans. At the end of the story, God said, "Should I not be concerned about the great city of Ninevah?" Well, we know He was concerned, and we're going to learn from Jonah that God is also concerned about our great city and wants us to join Him in His mission right here.

To go deeper in your relationship with God and others, here are some next steps for you:

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  2. Check out the Jonah sermon page at for further resources to help you dive deeper into the book of Jonah.

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