A Legacy of Character - Nov 25


A Legacy of Character (Week 4) - Discussion Guide

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Who is someone in your life that exemplifies a great amount of godly character? How has that person impacted or shaped you?



What is one thing you learned from this sermon? How did this sermon deepen your faith?

Read 2 Timothy 2:14-26.

When was a time where your character was tested? What happened?

Dan said that, “Good character flows from good theology?” Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

What are some prominent examples that you see of good theology being mixed with bad theology? How are these harmful to one’s faith?

Describe a time when your character faltered. Why did this happen? How might your right living have been swayed by seeking approval from others instead of from God? What are other things that could make your character waver? How might a better theology have solidified your character in those moments?

How are you and your group pursuing righteousness and fleeing evil?

Tony Merida once said that, “The condition for usefulness [by God] is not skillfulness but holiness.” Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? How have you seen this to be true with people in Scripture? How have you seen this to be true in your own life?

How did Jesus display godly character towards those who loved him and towards those who despised him?  



What is one area of your life where you actively are pursuing righteousness and fleeing from evil?

What is one area in your life where you might be mixing good theology and bad theology? How does this hinder your character?

What is one way that you and your group can work to leave a legacy of character for each other and for your families?

How can your group help one another to pursue righteousness and flee from evil?



This week pray that God would provide opportunities for you to grow in and practice godly character.



What we choose to leave behind says a lot about us. We all want our families, friends, and businesses to be secure and stable when we’re gone, so we set up wills, trust funds put all sorts of plans and strategies into place. But how often are we investing into the people, relationships, and decisions that have the potential to last for eternity? Here are some next steps to help you explore what it looks like to leave behind a worthwhile legacy:

To go deeper in your relationship with God and others, here are some next steps for you:

  1. Join us for Welcome to the Creek! This is a place where you can find out more information about who we are as a church. This experience occurs the 1st and 3rd weekend of every month in South Room 2 during the 11am service. If you attend Shelby Street, you can make an appointment for a Welcome to the Creek session.

  2. Visit the Legacy Sermon Resource page for further resources on 2 Timothy.

  3. Check out the Dwell app. This is a new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart. You can download this app on your mobile device. You can get more information about it at dwellapp.io.