Exodus - God Frees His People - Sept 22


Exodus - God Frees His People
Group Discussion Guide

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Spend some time asking about the highs and lows of each other’s week. Consider asking these questions: What has brought you the most joy this week? What has been the most difficult thing you’ve encountered this week? Where did you see God’s presence in both of those situations?  


Read Exodus 11-12 together.

  • How did this sermon/text deepen your faith? How did it challenge you? Explain.

  • What resonated with you the most from this sermon/text? Explain.

  • What did this passage teach you about God? What did it teach you about yourself? How does this passage impact how you view God, yourself, and others?

  • Which day from the daily work resonated with you most? Why? Which day challenged you most? Why?

  • How would you have felt as an Israelite the morning after the plague of the firstborn compared to how the Egyptians felt? Do you have the same feeling when you think of the ways Christ has served as your Passover lamb? If not, why?

  • How does this passage, sermon, or daily work challenge you to live differently?



  • What do you sense God doing in you that you need to respond to?

  • What do you sense God doing around you that you think He is inviting you into?

  • What do you sense God doing through you that you need courage for?


At this time, the group may want to split into smaller, gendered groups.

  • Who are you in God’s eyes? Who are you in the eyes of this group?

  • What has your time in God’s Word and prayer been like this week?

  • What have you learned from Jesus this week?

  • Have you consistently reflected the love of Christ to those in your life this week?

  • Where have you wrestled with temptation this week?

  • What strongholds have you wrestled with this week?

  • Have you been 100% honest?


Practice “Passover” Together
Our version of the Passover as followers of Christ is contained in the Lord’s Supper. Take time during your group’s meeting to share a meal, spending intentional time talking about how God has rescued you. If you don’t typically share a full meal, try to at least participate in the Lord’s Supper together with bread and juice. Serve one another and take time for each person to remember Christ by sharing aloud how He has rescued.


Spend time as a group in prayer for anything that surfaced during the discussion/accountability time that you think needs to be brought before the Lord.