Holy Ambition - Week 5 - Feb 24


Holy Ambition - Discussion Guide

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What is the biggest project you have ever personally had to see through to completion?



Read Nehemiah 6:1-15.

What was your key takeaway from this sermon? How did this message deepen your faith?

Nehemiah rejected the distraction of “promising opportunities” again and again. What “promising opportunities” do you need to have the wisdom to say no to? Why are these kinds of opportunities so intriguing to us?

Describe a time in your life where you took what looked to be a promising opportunity but, ultimately, ended up causing a negative effect.


What important priorities in your life often face the brunt of neglect when you become distracted by other things and end up over-committing yourself?


Nehemiah rejected the distraction of malicious criticism. When was a time where you responded appropriately to that criticism? When was a time when you responded negatively?


Nehemiah rejected the distraction of fear and insecurity. How have fear and insecurity impacted your life and kept you from achieving all that God wants for you?



When promising opportunities come, what are steps you take to discern if that opportunity is from God or not?


What are steps you can take to develop your emotional and relational intelligence so that when criticism comes, you will be able to handle it in a healthy way?


What is the best way to walk in confidence and security? What is a practical way to remind yourself that “perfect love drives out fear?”



This week, spend time in prayer for supernatural focus to the work and ministry that God has called you to.



God wants His people to view the world through eyes of faith and to have a holy ambition to see that vision become reality. This 9-week sermon series on the book of Nehemiah will help us to discover the eternally-significant things God wants to accomplish through our lives, and help us become the sort of people who have the courage and conviction to make a difference for the glory of God.

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