Guest Services

To serve in any Guest Services area, contact Terri.

The Creek Café
The Creek Café is right for you if you like casual conversations, praying one-on-one with others, all while making people comfortable...liking coffee is a plus.

Greeting Ministry
Greeting Ministry is right for you if you are outgoing, you like to make people feel welcome, you are gifted in hospitality. You'll hold doors, help people with umbrellas, plus other things that make sure people feel welcomed.

Information Centers
The Information Centers are right for you if you are friendly and want to help people know where they're going and how to take a next step. These Centers are our first line of communication on the weekends and the most consistent place we get to welcome guests.

Parking Ministry
Parking Ministry is right for you if you are welcoming, but also have a good sense of logic and can see how to keep things moving. You'll keep things safe and in order during busy times in our lot...and you get a sweet jacket!

Ushering is right for you if you're proactive, good at finding solutions, and hate the fact that someone might leave worship because of a lack of space. You'll find seats for people once the service has begun, fearlessly walking the aisles looking for open seats or creating room by asking those who are seated to move over.