Support of Survivors

Healing together.

The purpose of Support of Survivors is to fellowship with other survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence and discover God’s healing power in our lives through the love of Jesus.  It is our goal to educate, encourage and empower through Biblical principles that will help us find peace, joy and forgiveness by cultivating a stronger personal relationship with God and others.  Support of Survivors is designed to provide a safe environment that encourages sharing and trust where healing can begin.

If someone you know is in need of this ministry, please feel free to invite them.  We are so glad you have decided to seek out a community of other survivors going through similar trials.  Life is always better together. 

To Register or for more information email:

Or call 317.862.6430 Ext 1040 for more information.

(Note: If you call the above number and reach the automated service, please enter # followed by 1040 to reach the Support of Survivors voice mail box)