Devotionals & Practices

Devotionals and spiritual practices are tangible ways to grow, not only in your own relationship with Jesus, but also in relationship with your community as you experience and discuss them with each other.

Revival - A Spirit of Revival

Revival - A Family for Revival

Revival - A Lifestyle of Revival

Revival - A Mind for Revival

Revival - A Blueprint for Revival

Revival - An Experience of Revival

Spiritual Practices

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrases “spiritual practices” or “spiritual disciplines” thrown around a time or two. But what does that mean exactly? Ultimately, spiritual practices are experiences designed to connect you with God. The regular incorporation of spiritual practices can make a life-changing impact on your walk with God and more firmly anchor you in the reality of a God-centered life.
Unsure of where to start? Use some of the suggested practices listed below and wait expectantly for God to meet you in a fresh way.