Marriage & Parenting

Marriage & Parenting Ministry

 The Creek’s Marriage & Parenting Ministry is here to help families prioritize God, live in harmony, and foster healthy habits. We believe that the best thing you can do for your family relationships is to draw close to Christ. Whatever your situation or stage of life, we want to provide resources and opportunities for you.  

Preparing for Marriage

Your marriage deserves a strong foundation. We offer premarital counseling and classes for couples considering marriage. By addressing potential pitfalls, improving communication skills, and engaging with biblical principles about marriage, engaged and pre-engaged couples can enter marriage with the skills and community they need to thrive. 

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Enriching Your Marriage

Strong marriages require consistent investment. We’d love to help! We have resources to help you and your spouse grow spiritually, connect to other believers, make wise financial decisions, and more. 

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Saving a Marriage in Crisis

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a marriage unravels. The heartache is real—the pain is deep. We are here, and we want to help. We believe that by God’s grace even the most broken marriages can be healed. 

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Parenting with a Purpose

We want to equip the next generation to know, love, and follow Jesus and His Word. As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important spiritual influence. We want to provide opportunities and resources for you to parent with eternity in mind. 

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