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A place to call home

The Creek is full of people who are just like you. When you walk in on a Sunday, we think you’ll feel right at home. Get ready for your visit.

What to expect:

Franklin Road Shelby Street

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Your family belongs here

At its best, the church looks a lot like a family. We’re not perfect, but no matter what stage of life you’re in, you and your family can find a place to belong at The Creek.

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Real, relevant preaching

Worship services each week include biblical preaching, high energy music, communion, and a chance to respond to the message.

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In the Fire

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You Asked For It

Too often, we keep conversations lingering on the surface. We tend to talk about things like the weather, sports, work and entertainment, yet avoid discussing what matters most in life. Sometimes we neglect important issues because, if we are honest, we tend to have more questions around them than we do clarity or understanding…so we avoid them. We desire to be the kind of community and church where you can bring life’s biggest questions with you and know that they are welcome here. Issues like our purpose, our passions, and our faith. Throughout this 7-week series, we will explore questions like these together, so that we can all connect more and more to Jesus.

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