Students FAQ

Students FAQ

When is programming available for my high schooler (9-12th grade)?

  • Sunday evening Crave at 6pm in the East Hall Chapel
  • Midweek life groups in various homes throughout the week

When is programming available for my middle schooler (6-8th grade)?

  • Sunday mornings during both services in the Family Life Center
  • Life Groups meet Sunday evenings at 6pm in Kidustrial Park Large Group Room

Do I have to check in my middle schooler?

When you drop your child off in middle school, they can check in at the iPads and hang out playing games. They’ll head into their service in the chapel. After service, you can pick them up, but there’s no formal check-out process.

What is Crave?

Crave is our Sunday night, large group worship service for high schoolers, with music, games, teaching, and other learning experiences.

What’s a life group?

Life groups are where deep discussion, accountability, and relationships happen. They are gender and grade-level-specific.

How do I get my kid plugged in to student ministry?

He or she can come to Crave or belong to a life group. They do not have to do both, nor do they have to start with one or the other. We’re happy to have them where and when they’re comfortable.

What serving opportunities are there for my son or daughter?

We believe the whole church is called and gifted to serve. Middle and high schoolers are invited to serve in nearly all our service teams.

What's the process to get my child baptized?

Learn more about baptism at The Creek here.

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