Deepen Groups start August 19


Deepen groups help you navigate obstacles as you connect with God, the church, and your purpose.

Addictions Recovery Group

Addictions Recovery Group addresses addictions to substances, gambling, shopping, and food. Discover the root of your addiction and a path to freedom within the context of God’s love and grace.

13 weeks

Atrium A

Cost: $25.00

Anxiety & Depression Group

Anxiety & Depression Group gives support and teaches holistic skills to address your struggle with anxiety and depression.

13 weeks

South Room 1

Cost: $5.00

Codependency Group

Codependency Group offers healing to overcome self-sufficiency, control, and dependence on others as you receive God’s love and surrender to Him.

13 weeks

South Room 3

Cost: $20.00


DivorceCare helps you heal from the deep hurt of divorce and discover hope for your future.

13 weeks (Current classes are from Jan 21 - Apr 15)

South Room 4

Cost: $15.00

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Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University will help you take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life. Dates and times for the next classes to be determined.


GriefShare is a caring group of people who will help you find healing after the loss of a loved one.

13 weeks (Current classes are from Jan 21 - Apr 15)

South Room 2

Cost: $15.00

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Marriage & Family Support

Marriage and family support can be found by meeting with someone from our staff for resources or referrals to a local counseling professional.

Unwanted Sexual Behavior

Unwanted Sexual Behavior offers practical tools and principles to find freedom from pornography, infidelity, and unwanted sexual behavior - not through behavior modification but through heart transformation.

Support of Survivors

Support of Survivors helps victims of sexual assault and domestic violence discover God’s healing power through the love of Jesus.

Care Appointments

Care Appointments allow you to meet with someone to receive prayer, encouragement, and recommended resources.