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Fourth Quarter: Playing to Win in the Final Season of Life
Led by: Gary Johnson

When a football team comes to the final and fourth quarter of a game, reality sets in. The game is nearly done. Emotions are strong. Players are exhausted. Similarly, when we come to life's 'fourth quarter', reality hits us-and hard! Life is nearly done. Aches and pains increase. Emotions are strong. Just as a football game can be won or lost in the final quarter, the same is true for each of us in the final quarter of life, and we must "play to win"

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LGBTQ-What the Bible Really Says.

Explore what the Bible really says about sexual orientation, gender, and human relationships.

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Week 2 video
Week 2 Listening Guide

Week 3 video
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4-week class
Led by: Gary Johnson 

Do you have a friend or someone in your family who is not yet a Christian? Do you want some help in leading that person to Christ? This class will equip and motivate YOU to introduce this individual to Jesus with both confidence and courage.


The Hurting Parent (and Grandparent)
Gary Johnson


Stranger Things About Marriage: Being Married Upside Down
Jason Yeatts & Paulette Stamper


Walking Thru The New Testament
Chad Tucker & Emerson Kennedy



Unlocking the Bible -- Week One Video

Week One Notes:



 Unlocking the Bible -- Week Two Video

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Unlocking the Bible -- Week Three Video

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Unlocking the Bible--Week Four Video

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