Neighborhood Network Food Cooperative

Families across America have formed cooperatives (neighborhood networks) and found that regularly participating and stocking their homes with non-perishable staples allows them to utilize their resources for other necessities and enables a peace of mind that there is something in the cupboard.

The Food Neighborhood Network & Indian Creek Christian Church (ICCC) desire to foster an uplifting community for ANYONE in need, regardless of religious orientation, and to do so in a way that promotes food security, educational opportunities, spiritual expression, healthy lifestyles, individual dignity, participation, and accountability.

The ICCC Food Neighborhood Network will meet every other Monday at 6pm for approximately one hour. Educational presentations are made during the meetings, but other trainings and activities may occur between regular meetings.

Guiding Principle: The ICCC Food Neighborhood Network will thrive when the members have a desire to make it succeed.

The food Neighborhood Network is not a food pantry. It may not be the best structure for a member who has no interest in helping to make it work well. This is OUR food Neighborhood Network! We will cooperate together and endeavor to make it strong and successful.

Availability is limited.

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