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Lois Irene Young   DOD: November 30, 2017

Mother of Tammy Young



Troy E. Hartley   DOD: December 3, 2017

Brother-in-Law of Mary Richardson



Mark Arnold   DOD: November 29, 2017

Father of Matt Arnold


Hugh E. Bothwell, Sr.   DOD: November 23, 2017

Father of Hugh E. Bothwell, Jr.


Rebecca Marie "Becky" Heldman   DOD: November 9, 2017

Sister of Dave Heldman


Danny L. Lawrence   DOD: November 15, 2017

Father of Dana Spence


Arthur "Artie" Stevens IV   DOD: November 9, 2017

Husband of Erica Stevens


Lela A. Herr   DOD: November 6, 2017

Mother of Nancy Ludwig!/Obituary


Gerald "Jerry" P. Ingram   DOD: October 21, 2017

Grandfather of Chelsie Gaffney


Patrick D. Mescall   DOD: October 9, 2017

Father of Chris Mescall


Timothy A. Mulkey, Sr.  DOD: October 10, 2017

Brother of Janet Milligan


Cheri HaddixDOD: September 23, 2017

Wife of Jeff Haddix

*No obituary available


Vaughn Robert Love DOD: September 15, 2017

Father of Jeff Love


Dorothy Billingsly DOD: September 2, 2017

Mother of Chuck Billingsly / Grandmother of Laura Dingman


Richard "Dick" Canfield DOD: August 28, 2017

Husband of Mabel Canfield


Timothy McGuire DOD: August 27, 2017

Father of Marcy Calvin


Carol Sue Ruud Torp DOD: August 11, 2017

Wife of Eric Torp


Patrick Mitchell Devine DOD: August 2, 2017

Son of Doug and Dawn Devine


Glen "Ron" Smith DOD: July 23, 2017

Father of Randy Smith


Janice Mae James DOD: July 21, 2017

Grandmother of Nicole James


Karen Lynn Kennedy DOD: July 11, 2017

Sister of Diane Sanford!/Obituary


Melvada Rae (Moffett) Jackson DOD: June 30, 2017

Wife of Wayne T. Jackson


Wilson Adams, IVDOD: June 28, 2017

Son of Wilson Adams, III


Steven D. BackusDOD: June 24, 2017

Father of Stephanie Galyean!/Obituary


Buddy (Jay) A. VanSickle, Jr.  DOD: June 21, 2017

Father-in-law of Ruthanne VanSickle


Major Ezekiel Maxie DOD: June 06, 2017

Foster son of Kevin and Kara Cook


Blake William BowellDOD: June 05, 2017

Son of LeDania Carmichael


Michael ParsleyDOD: May 21, 2017

Brother of Carol Cox


Ruth I. HostetlerDOD: May 18, 2017

Wife of Roger Hostetler


Alfred E. DavisDOD: May 9, 2017

Grandfather of Amy Martinez


William "Bill" P. AtkinsDOD: April 30, 2017

Father of Marci Atkins


Barbara YountDOD: April 16, 2017

Mother of Cindy Kingston

An obituary was not created by the family


Betty Ruth CooperDOD: April 1, 2017

Mother of Tina May


Roger D. AldridgeDOD: April 1, 2017

Husband of Becky Aldridge!/Obituary


Doris Arrawannah LittenDOD: March 31, 2017

Mother of Carol Calbert


Darrel G. BrouhardDOD: March 30, 2017

Brother of Debbi Rains


Abigail K. Rejer DOD: March 30, 2017

Daughter of Rich & Kristi Rejer


Mary KlennertDOD: March 29, 2017

Mother of Bill Klennert, Jr.


Alice R. Scott DOD: March 25, 2017

Grandmother of Ellen Clodfelter


Richard L. Kellam DOD: March 3, 2017

Husband of Jalna Kellam / Father of Sherill Brown



Joan E. Marks DOD: February 27, 2017

Grandmother of Matt Winningham


James "Gabby" Allen Brooks DOD: February 24, 2017

Close friend of Phyllis Sizemore


Kenneth L. Corbin DOD: February 21, 2017

Grandfather of Kristy Collins


William P. CookDOD:  February 5, 2017

Father of Leah Johnson


Violet Simone ParsleyDOD:  January 25, 2017

Sister of Carol Cox


Eutimio (Timio) Mateo WhiteDOD:  January 16, 2017

Son of Montica White


Joan StocklinDOD:  January 14, 2017

Mother of Debbie Lamping and Becky Sloan


Steven G. Moreland CordesDOD:  January 13, 2017

Brother-in-Law of Denise Wildman


Teresa Ann "Terry" MartinDOD:  January 7, 2017

Mother of Lori Williams


Sandra Lou HuntDOD:  January 5, 2017

Mother of Robin Elliott


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