Mission of the Month

Food Co-Op at The Creek

Connecting people to Jesus through food security. 

Stop by the Cafe any time throughout the month of October to learn more about The Creek's own Food Co-Op ministry! When you fill an orange bag with groceries, you're doing more than making a simple donation. You're meeting a family's physical needs in order to introduce them to Jesus. Interested in making an ongoing commitment to the Food Co-Op ministry? Learn more about the Food Co-Op 100 and be a part of providing food security to our neighbors long-term. 

Save the date for a tour of the Food Co-Op ministry! Meet us in the Chapel on Sunday, November 5 at 10:15am.


As a Christ follower and as a social worker, I have a passion to meet the needs of others. I desire to advocate for and to empower people. I love that volunteering in the food co-op ministry allows me to use these God given passions and skills. However, my favorite part of serving in this ministry, is watching our families come along side each other in prayer, supporting each other and empowering each other. I love hearing their stories of faith and how Christ is helping them overcome obstacles. It is such a blessing that our church can be a part of their story.

When I think about our food group ministry and its focus which is to provide spiritual, emotional, and nutritional support to those in our community who struggle, I think of Donna. Approximately five years ago after unexpectedly losing her husband, she walked into our lives. Her grief and needs weighed heavy as she suddenly had to face life alone and with much less financial security. Donna was searching for answers, care, and support. Soon, despite her own searching, Donna's care for others, strength, faith, and love for Jesus began to inspire others to share and pray. Over the years, there have many times that Donna has shared her ongoing challenges. However, she is always quick to add that, without the Creek, our food program, and the love of God that has always been there to sustain her, she would never have made it. Donna is just one example of how our program blesses those who struggle and how, in turn, they bless us.

Can the food ministry at the Creek really impact a life? The simple answer is yes. In many ways it provides needed food, household products, a kind face, a welcoming environment, a listening ear, an encouraging voice, prayer, and God's truth. and = Many other aspects of meeting people and sharing Christ in our words and actions can have an eternal difference. The following story took place through the Food Co-Op at our former Shelby Street campus and similar stories are taking place here as well.

Jill was a single mother to four kids on a limited income working many odd jobs to make ends meet. Every time they attended the Food Co-Op it never failed that the three older children were great workers. They were willing and eager to help.

During a conversation, Jill stated that she felt like a failure as a mom. However, as I observed her and her children, it was clear she was doing a good job. There was respect and hard work with her children and I simply said, "You are doing a great job as a mom." Her response was, “Really?” I stated, “Yes, as I watch you and your children interact it’s clear you put time and effort into your relationships.” The next thing she did was look up with a giant smile just beaming with gratitude.

Had she ever been told a word of encouragement what a good mom she was? I don't know, but for that one moment she was a person with joy and hope. Yes, a food ministry has an impact in people's lives in many ways beyond the food support.

Julie has been a member of the Food Co-Op for many years and we have loved watching God work in her life. Her life has been a roller coaster of challenges and triumphs - there was a divorce and the eventual reconciliation in her marriage. We prayed for a miracle as she awaited, and eventually received a liver transplant. She struggled and overcame multiple health issues post-surgery. And her husband continues to combat complications after a routine surgery. Through everything, she has been consistent in the food ministry and allowed us the privilege of walking with her through both the difficult times and the celebrations. Her love for this group is not based on the food support her family receives, but the many ways this group has been a family to her. That is what it's all about - loving, encouraging, and praying for one another. Thank you for the ways you generously support this ministry!