Shelby Street

Shelby Street

Shelby Street Campus Update

Our hope and prayer is to be united so God gets the glory in the work He is doing as we bring our two campuses together as one.

We are so thankful for the life-changing ministry that has taken place at our Shelby Street campus the past six years! Incredible ministry has taken place at Shelby Street thanks to the leadership of our Campus Pastor Eric Denney, a fantastic staff team, and dedicated key volunteers.

Since late 2019, our elders and leadership team have been praying about where God is leading us as a church family. After much prayer and discernment, we believe the best thing is to come together as one campus and worship under one roof at our Franklin Road campus. That means that in the coming months our Shelby Street campus will no longer be open.

As you can imagine, this has been a weighty decision and one that was not made lightly. Listen here from our Lead Pastor Dan Hamel as he shares more about the heart and reasoning behind this decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, we know there will be a lot of questions about how this decision was made, what to expect now, and where God is leading The Creek in the future. Our hope in sharing this information will help you to better understand this decision and the hope we have for what's to come.

This decision was primarily made for two reasons. (1)Theologically, our ministry philosophy has shifted over the past several years. Through prayer, we have discerned that The Creek is no longer called to facilitate an ongoing satellite church location. And our Shelby Street campus has not demonstrated the sustained ministry momentum necessary to thrive as an independent church. (2) Practically, and due specifically to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are notable trends in attendance, engagement, and financial giving taking place across the country. We believe coming together is the greatest and most sustainable opportunity for 100% involvement in what’s to come.

Our plan is to have a celebration Sunday at Shelby Street at the end of May and then begin operating and worshipping together as one campus on Sunday, June 5. More specific details about the celebratory Sunday at the end of May will be shared soon.

Yes, we plan to continue with our outreach initiatives in Perry Township so that we can bless the 317 and connect as many people as possible to Jesus. Our goal and prayer is for 100% of our mission partnerships in Perry Township to continue.

The building and location may be different, but here’s the good news: we’ll continue to worship God and We are one church, and despite these difficult changes, the mission, vision, and priorities has set before The Creek have not changed. We’ll continue to worship together, listen to a teaching from God’s word, and respond through communion and tithes and offerings. Be sure to stop by one of our Guest Services locations at the Franklin Road campus with any questions or for additional guidance. Our “What to Expect” page can also help you learn more


We’re working to create as many opportunities as possible to make this transition as smooth as possible. After worship service on Sunday, April 10, we’ll head over to the Franklin Road campus for an Open House to answer some of your questions. Lunch will be provided, we’ll take time to walk the building and visit your child’s new classroom, meet small group leaders, and ask questions. Stay tuned for more details!

Our desire is to see 100% of people at Shelby Street continue to worship at The Creek. However, we understand that, for a variety of reasons, moving to the Franklin Road campus may not be an option. Above all, our vision is to connect people to Jesus. We’d love to connect you to another theologically sound local church. Send us an email to learn more about that list.

As we assess our Franklin Road Campus capacity, we believe there are other opportunities to maximize the current facility space.

We would love the opportunity to sit down or have a phone call to talk through some of the questions we might not have answered. Send us an email to start the conversation.