Registration opens January 20 at 8pm

Rooted is a 10-week discipleship journey designed to launch you into a Life Group.
You’ll join in conversations and interactive experiences with a group of 12-16 people that will help you connect to God, the church, and your purpose.

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The Creek's Rooted Experience


Spring 2019 Schedule


Starts February 26
Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm
Franklin Road & Shelby Street Campuses

  • Week 1 - February 26

  • Week 2 - March 5

  • Week 3 - March 12

  • Week OFF - March 19 (Spring Break Week 1)

  • Week 4 - March 26

  • Week 5 - April 2

  • Week 6 - April 9

  • Week 7 - April 16 (Week before Easter)

  • Week 8 - April 23

  • Week 9 - April 30

  • Week 10 - May 7 

  • Celebration Night - May 11

If these dates don’t work for your schedule, check back for our Fall 2019 session.

In addition to this schedule, you'll get to participate in three other experiences:

Prayer Experience
Throughout Scripture, we’re repeatedly reminded of the importance of intentional communication with God, individually and as a community. Your group’s prayer experience will help you foster a deeper relationship with God and learn ways to pursue the regular rhythm of prayer. Time and location will be scheduled by your group.

Serve Experience
As followers of Christ, we’re invited to participate in the mission of God. Through this serving opportunity, you’ll experience Christ’s servant heart, focus on building relationships in another community, and encounter the needs of others.  Your group’s specific information will be provided by your group leader at a later date.

Story Experience
Our stories have the power to break down barriers of fear, miscommunication, isolation, and much more. How can you best overcome those barriers in order to share the story of your relationship with Christ? Throughout your Rooted experience, your group will spend time praying and preparing for opportunities to share your own individual faith stories.


We want you to be part of Rooted. Ready to register?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rooted?
Rooted is a 10-week discipleship journey in groups of 12-16 people—starting February 26—that helps you connect to God, the church, and your purpose. At the end of the 10 weeks, your group will have the option to continue as a Life Group.

Where is Rooted?
We will meet at our Franklin Road and Shelby Street campuses.

Is there a cost?
Yes, the cost is $40/person. This fee will help offset the cost of your participant guide, printed materials for participants and facilitators, and the Celebration night expenses.

Will childcare be provided?
You bet! Childcare will be provided on-site for children up to 5th grade. The weekly cost of childcare comes out to be less than $3/child.  

What if I can't be there every Tuesday night of the 10-week study?
We understand people’s schedules are busy and you may miss a night or two. However, we also understand that whenever someone isn’t present, the group’s dynamics are impacted. If you know you’re going to miss more than two nights, this round of Rooted isn’t for you (but we encourage you to consider attending the next session).

What happens after Rooted?
That’s up to your group, really. Your Rooted group is designed to be launched into an ongoing Life Group. It's not required that you'll continue, but statistics show that almost all Rooted groups continue to become Life Groups.

I have more questions before I say, "yes." Where do I go for answers?
Feel free to email with any questions you may have. There will also be a time on January 20 to connect with a staff member.

Franklin Road Campus
You can go to the South Room lobby after any worship service January 20. One of our discipleship team staff members will be there and happy to answer your questions.

Shelby Street Campus
Connect with Eric Denney, the Campus Minister, either in person or by emailing, with any questions you may have. 

How do I say "yes" to this invitation?
Registration will open January 20 at 8pm—come back here at that time and click one of these buttons to register.