Someone I know needs Jesus. - May 20




Someone I know needs Jesus. Discussion Guide

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Has there been a time you saw an awesome sight or had an exhilarating experience but had no one to share it with?



Discuss what stood out to you from this sermon. What challenged, encouraged, or stretched you?


Read John 1:35-51.

What happens in this passage? How did John the Baptist prepare the way for Jesus? What were the immediate actions of Jesus’ new followers?

Dan mentioned in his sermon that, “Before we talk to people about God, we should be talking to God about people.” Do you agree or disagree? In what ways is prayer important to evangelism?

Next Dan said that, “The life we live will either increase people’s interest in the gospel we preach or increase people’s suspicion of the gospel we preach.” How have you seen this to be true?

Lastly, Dan told us that in evangelism we need to be able to share the gospel. What is the gospel? How can you share the gospel in community?



Key to evangelism is sharing your story. This week for application, practice with your group sharing your story like Dan suggested.

1.     Share your life before Jesus.

2.     Share how you met Jesus.

3.     Share how Jesus has since changed your life.

Then, for accountability, tell your group one person for whom you will be praying and with whom you intend to share your story.



Pray as a group for the individuals in each other’s lives who do not know Jesus.



When the concerns of life are more than enough for you, you can find hope in a God who is more than enough for those concerns. To go deeper in your relationship with God and others, here are some next steps for you:

  1. Attend Welcome to the Creek! This is a place where you can find out more information about who we are as a church. This experience occurs the 1st and 3rd weekend of every month in South Room 2 during the 11:00 service.
  2. Check out other “More Than Enough” resources! If you are looking for additional help regarding this sermon series—books, videos, seminars, and more—we have created a page on our website with those resources to help you navigate the concerns of life. You can find them at