Elijah: A Man of Faith - Week 5


Week 5 - Discussion Guide

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Describe a time when you saw justice being violated. What was your response?



Read and reflect on 1 Kings 21:1-24. 

What stands out to your from this passage? What does this passage teach you about God?

What is one thing you learned from this sermon? How did this sermon deepen your faith?

What do you think it would be like to be God, and be fully aware of every injustice in the history of the world? How do you think Elijah would have felt in confronting Ahab and Jezebel?

What is God’s relationship to justice (see passages like Isaiah 1:17; Isaiah 30:18; Micah 6:8; Psalm 37:27-29; Isaiah 61:8)?

How do you think justice relates to the gospel? How do you think justice relates to the purpose of the church?

Reflect on the ways the church has been used to bring about justice in the world. Are you encouraged, discouraged, or both? Why?



What justice related issues most strike your heart in the world today? How do you feel God’s people should respond to it? How do you feel you should respond to it?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-20. What is one specific thing you could do, or that your life group could to together, to further justice in the world? How can you be a reconciling presence in the world?

How can Jesus’ posture of emptying himself and going to the cross to bring about justice help us have an appropriate posture for the way in which we bring about justice? What would that same posture look for you personally?



This week pray that God would open your eyes to see the idols you have in your life and that He would help you rid yourself of them so you can be a fully devoted follower of Christ.


From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, there is one thing that remained constant that we can learn from Elijah today: he was faithful through it all. That is something that, despite our circumstances, we can learn from him today. But to do that, we need help.

To go deeper in your relationship with God and others, here are some next steps for you:

  1. Join us for Welcome to the Creek! This is a place where you can find out more information about who we are as a church. This experience occurs the 1st and 3rd weekend of every month in South Room 2 during the 11am service. If you attend Shelby Street, you can make an appointment for a Welcome to the Creek session.

  2. Check out the Elijah sermon page at thecreek.org/elijah for further resources to dive deeper into the life of Elijah.

  3. Check out the Dwell app. This is a new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart. You can download this app on your mobile device. You can get more information about it at dwellapp.io.