Freedom - Week 1 - Jan 6


Freedom - Discussion Guide

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What are you most excited about for this upcoming year?



What was one thing that deepened your faith from this sermon? What was one thing that challenged you? 

In what ways have you experienced freedom in your own life? What did it feel like when you weren’t free? What did the journey towards freedom look like for you? 

What comes to your mind when you think about the question, “What kind of church does God want?”

Do you feel like you are experiencing deep love and Christ-centered encouragement in your small group? Where is it happening well? Where would you like to experience that more?

 Of the five priorities Dan mentioned for our church, (healthy succession, make disciples, invest into the next generation, advance God’s work internationally, honor God with our resources), is there one particular that really stirs your heart?

Read Romans 13:8. What do you think about The Creek’s vision to become debt free in the near future? Explain.

The goal of receiving an additional 7 million dollars as a church over the next two years is significant! What was your initial reaction to hearing it? 

When Dan mentioned that the church could attain the 7 million dollar goal if each person increased their giving from 10% to 15% for two years, what came to your mind? Do you think that is an attainable goal for you and your family? 

Read 1 Peter 1:18-19. What does this passage teach you about the debt that we owed that could only be paid by Jesus? How does it feel to know we have a Savior who did that for us?



What steps would be wise and helpful to take to determine what God might be calling you to contribute to the freedom vision?


This week, prayerfully consider how you might be able to partner with us and God in where he is leading us as a church in regard to the freedom initiative.



What we choose to leave behind says a lot about us. We all want our families, friends, and businesses to be secure and stable when we’re gone, so we set up wills, trust funds put all sorts of plans and strategies into place. But how often are we investing into the people, relationships, and decisions that have the potential to last for eternity? Here are some next steps to help you explore what it looks like to leave behind a worthwhile legacy:

To go deeper in your relationship with God and others, here are some next steps for you:

  1. Join us for Welcome to the Creek! This is a place where you can find out more information about who we are as a church. This experience occurs the 1st and 3rd weekend of every month in South Room 2 during the 11am service. If you attend Shelby Street, you can make an appointment for a Welcome to the Creek session.

  2. Sign up for Rooted! Rooted is a 10-week discipleship journey to help you connect with God, the church, and your purpose! Registration opens on January 20th. For more information, please visit

  3. Check out the Dwell app. This is a new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart. You can download this app on your mobile device. You can get more information about it at