Holy Ambition - Week 8 - Mar 17


Holy Ambition - Discussion Guide

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What is one of the best celebrations you have ever been a part of? What made that time so special? How did you feel when you celebrated?



What is happening in your life right now that is cause for celebration? What is happening in the life of your group that is worth celebrating?

How did this message deepen your faith? How did this message challenge you?

Read Nehemiah 12:27-43.

In this sermon, Dan talked about how celebration honors God, how celebration brings unity, how celebration draws attention, and about how celebration is a way of life. Which of these four points most resonates with you? Why?

Describe how you think a culture of celebration would help to bring unity in your life (i.e. in your marriage, in your family, at work, etc.).

What role do you think celebration has in the life of a follower of Jesus? How might celebration help to form the hearts of those who make it a habit?

Where does the practice of celebration fit into a person’s life when circumstances are less than ideal? How have you intentionally rejoiced when something in life wasn’t going your way?

How does the gospel impact our reason for celebration?


Of the four points Dan mentioned in his sermon (see above), which one do you want to intentionally work into the rhythm of your own life? How will you go about doing that?

Dan mentioned how he wants the culture at this church to be one of celebration and not one of complaining. In what ways have you potentially contributed to a culture of complaining instead of a culture of celebration? How can you be sure to practice celebration instead of complaining?

How can your group celebrate together?



This week give thanks to God for the many reasons you have to celebrate – both as a group and individually.



God wants His people to view the world through eyes of faith and to have a holy ambition to see that vision become reality. This 9-week sermon series on the book of Nehemiah will help us to discover the eternally-significant things God wants to accomplish through our lives, and help us become the sort of people who have the courage and conviction to make a difference for the glory of God.

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