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kidustrial park is The Creek's Children's Ministry for children from Birth through 5th Grade.


We love your kids...almost as much as you do.

As much as we love them and as much fun as we will have with them, our goal is to partner with you, their family, to show children who God is more fully.

We believe in the color orange. When you blend the church, the light of the world (represented by yellow) with the love of the family (represented by red), you get orange. And when we think orange, we'll be able to show kids Who God is more effectively than we can alone.

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Children's Team


Children's Events


Family Dedication

Celebration: Sunday, October 6

Raising a child to know and love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength is far from simple, but it’s the most important task God places on a parent’s life. Family Dedication is the opportunity for families at The Creek to publicly acknowledge God’s sovereignty over their child, and to do so alongside a community of parents working to do the same. The joys and struggles of raising a child are made that much sweeter when they’re shared in an environment of mutual support and encouragement.

To be part of the Family Dedication celebration, you must also attend one of two Parent Classes.

Sunday, September 8 at 11am
Sunday, September 8 at 4:30pm
Franklin Road
South Room 3

Register here.


Parent Cue Live

Thursday, September 26
Northview – Carmel Campus
Ticket cost $25

Parent Cue Live is a two hour evening experience where you’ll hear from leading innovators in child development to help you recognize and nurture your child’s emotional, physical, mental, and social needs at every phase of their lives.

  • REDISCOVER what your kids need most in every phase.

  • REPRIORITIZE how you engage with your kids every week.

  • REIMAGINE how to dialogue with your kids about critical issues.

  • RETHINK ways to partner with a church to impact your kid’s future.

Purchase tickets here.  Questions? Email Alison Hankins.




We understand leaving your little one can be overwhelming. We promise, your little one will be taken care of just like one of our own.

The volunteers in kidustrial park Nursery have chosen to serve with this age group because they love babies and toddlers. They're trained to care for the needs of your child.

Here are a few things you'll need in your diaper bag:

  • Diapers
  • Labeled Bottles or Toddler Cups
  • Labeled Pacifiers
  • Change of clothes







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  • Have questions about snack time, allergies, potty training, safety, etc? Check out these FAQs.

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  • Sign up for text notifications by texting @creekbaby to (317)848-8996

  • Are you expecting? Congratulations! We'd love to hear what your due date is so we can be in touch.

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preschoolers are in non-stop motion, and we have a place where we harness that energy for fun and learning through games, songs, stories, and hands-on activities.

We believe in a fun, interactive approach to learning about God with preschool children. So, you can plan on a lot of singing, dancing, wiggling, and laughter each week. Be on the lookout for fun activities and silly games as we learn more about God together.


We hope that by spending time with us, your child will learn that:

  • God MADE me.
  • God LOVES me.
  • Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.


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  • Preschool is for little ones, 30 months – and potty trained – to 5 years of age.
  • Preschool is available during every service; kids can be dropped off fifteen minutes before services start.
  • Programming for children with special needs is available.
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In Elementary, we want kids to be known by name and know they belong.

We sing, we dance, we play fun games, we listen to amazing stories, and laugh together with our friends and leaders. We want kids to see how God's Word fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to Him, and to build friendships that will last.

Before we ship kids off to middle school, we want to make sure they are packed and ready with these truths:

  1. I need to make the wise choice.
  2. I can trust God no matter what.
  3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

The focus of kidustrial park Elementary is our small group environment. We want kids to see how God's Word fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to him, and to build friendships that will last. That's why it's important to make sure your child connects with the same friends and same leader at the same hour—EVERY WEEKEND!






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  • Elementary is for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. If your child is going into 6th grade, check out our Student Ministry.
  • Elementary rooms are open during every service; kids can be dropped off fifteen minutes before services start.
  • Programming for children with special needs is available.
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