Childrens FAQ

Children's FAQ

Where do I go on my first time to The Creek?

For easy check-in, use the north doors. You’ll find volunteers that will help you get your child registered and checked in.

What if my kid has allergies?

We usually serve Goldfish and Veggie Straws. If we are serving something else, a sign will be posted outside your child’s classroom. If your child has any allergies or special dietary needs and cannot eat what we have provided, let our volunteers know with an allergy sticker we provide.

What’s the check-in process like?

When you arrive at The Creek, you can sign in at any check-in iPad located in kidustrial park or in the lobby. Simply search by your last name and then click on your family. Select the name of your child and where he or she will be during the service you’re attending. You and your child will receive nametags and an ID number tag. Your child will not be released from his or her classroom until we receive the matching ID number tag back from you at pick up.

Is the environment safe?

Our volunteers must complete a volunteer application, pass a background check and submit references. For your child's safety, our volunteers never serve alone. Our rooms have open layouts so children are always in view, no matter where they are. Our areas are also staffed by security volunteers who are watching our backs as well.

What if kidustrial park needs to contact me during the service?

During check-in we will get your phone number. If we need to contact you during the service, we will first text and then call.

What’s the sick policy?

To keep your kids and their classmates healthy, we ask that you keep your child with you if they have exhibited any of these symptoms in the last 24 hours:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Discharge in/around eyes
  • Green or yellow runny nose
  • Excessive coughing
  • Diarrhea
  • Questionable Rash

Is there a Nursing Mother’s Room?

Moms can enjoy a private environment to care for their babies while the service streams live just for them, while families can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience with plenty of space for the kiddos to play. This room is located in the Nursery area.

What if I don't feel quite comfortable leaving my child?

We completely understand it may be hard to leave your little one. There is a family room in the nursery suite. Your child can play while you still be engage with a livestream of the service.

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