Life Groups

Life Groups

A life group is a community of disciples intent on loving God, loving others, and making disciples in order to connect people to Jesus.

We are a community

As the family of God, we meet regularly to eat, pray, and share life together. Community is the place where transformation into Jesus’ likeness happens best.

We are disciples

As disciples of Jesus, we make it our aim to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. Through practice, teaching, community, and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are learning what it means to love God, love others, and make disciples as apprentices of Jesus.

We want to connect people to Jesus

As people with a purpose in the Kingdom of God, we seek to proclaim and manifest the good news of Jesus and do justice in our community so that our message is grounded in words and deeds. We partner with God by giving our time, talents, and resources to see the Kingdom of God come in Indianapolis as it is in heaven.

Life Group FAQs

A life group is a community of disciples intent on loving God, loving others and making disciples in order to connect people to Jesus.
Rooted is how we "onboard" people into life groups. You can find out more information about the next Rooted session HERE.
Life groups typically meet weekly to eat together, share their lives, pursue the 7 rhythms of Rooted, maintain loving accountability, pursue discipleship to Jesus, and journey through the provided resources created by The Creek.
Life group meeting times and locations vary depending on the group. Most groups meet weekly in the evenings on different nights of the week and usually meet in the home of the group members.
The content for life groups consists of the sermon time, groups discussion guides, and daily devotional material. Our hope is that by aligning all three of these things, we are able to allow the Word of God preached to us to soak deeper into our hearts and minds - and by doing that, transforming us from the inside out.
If a group grows too big that it can no longer achieve its purpose, then that group is too big. This typically happens at around 15-16 people.
Yes! While we want everyone to eventually go through Rooted to help all of us be on the same page when it comes to our relationship with God and being a disciple of Jesus, we also wouldn't want people to have to wait to join a life group if there's one available to them that they know of organically.
Unfortunately, The Creek does not provide childcare for life groups.

Get connected to a life group!


If you’ve already been through Rooted but aren’t in a life group for various reasons, email Clare Rice for information on getting connected to a group!